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The Little Black Dress

The definition of easy one-piece dressing – a little black dress should fit perfectly and have an air of flirty elegance.

How to wear:

A blank canvas, the little black dress can be accessorized for a multitude of occasions – topped by a blazer or simple knitwear and heels for a professional look or worn on its own for evening glamour with sky high heels and statement jewellery.

Style story:

With a practical, comfortable and solemn air the little black dress has been around for years. However, it was Coco Chanel’s debut of her legendary design in 1926, renamed the “Ford” by US Vogue due to its simplicity and potential for success, via Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly, that established the little black dress as an enduring entry in the style bible.

  • Faux Leather Panelled Dress
    Minimum Denmark
    Faux Leather Panelled Dress
    • Price: £21.00 
  • Lace Cutout Dress
    Minimum Denmark
    Lace Cutout Dress
    • Price: £18.00 
  • Black & Copper Mini Dress
    Minimum Denmark
    Black & Copper Mini Dress
    • Price: £24.00 
  • Ahn Column Dress
    Second Female
    Ahn Column Dress
    • Price: £38.70 
  • Swift Long-Sleeve Black Dress
    Libby London
    Swift Long-Sleeve Black Dress
    • Price: £47.40 
  • Dart Laser Cut Black Dress
    Libby London
    Dart Laser Cut Black Dress
    • Price: £52.50 
  • Agatha One-Shoulder Maxi Dress
    Sarah Clough Fundamentals
    Agatha One-Shoulder Maxi Dress
    • Price: £47.70 
  • Karen Drop-Waist Black Dress
    Second Female
    Karen Drop-Waist Black Dress
    • Price: £26.70 
  • Cannie Black Belted Dress
    Margit Brandt
    Cannie Black Belted Dress
    • Price: £22.50 
  • Cher Black Belted Maxi Dress
    Margit Brandt
    Cher Black Belted Maxi Dress
    • Price: £25.50 
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