Trench Coat

The all-weather Trench Coat

A lightweight cover-up for rainy spring days or autumnal evening chill, the belted trench coat is the ultimate workwear classic.

How to wear:

With a tailored silhouette and stiff fabric the trench is a universally flattering garment that will overlay any outfit with an air of femme fatale.

Style story:

Commissioned by the British War Office to design a coat for soldiers. Thomas Burberry created the trench coat in 1914. From the epaulettes used to hold gloves and cuff straps to keep the rain out - every element had a function.

  • Tomma Zipped Trench
    Selected Femme
    Tomma Zipped Trench
    • Price: £46.50 
  • Viola Trench Coat - Warm Beige
    Margit Brandt
    Viola Trench Coat - Warm Beige
    • Price: £56.70 
  • Khaki Green Padded Trench Coat
    Margit Brandt
    Khaki Green Padded Trench Coat
    • Price: £45.00 
  • Classic Trench Coat - Black
    Pop CPH
    Classic Trench Coat - Black
    • Price: £59.70 
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