Trench Coat

The crisp White Shirt

Chic, practical and unpretentious – a men’s style white shirt offers simplicity that works for any occasion.

How to wear:

Sharp, crisp and masculine or slouchy collarless granddad style, the classic white shirt is a blank canvas to reflect your own style on to; an unaffected, unisex staple ready to be mixed and matched to suit any requirement.

Style story:

The traditional staple of a businessman’s wardrobe, the white shirt is a true “borrowed from the boys” essential. From the non-conformist style of Katharine Hepburn in Holiday (1938) to the understated androgynous cool of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction (1994), a history of iconic moments have proved time and again the enduring effortlessness of the white shirt.

  • Gianna Fitted White Shirt
    The Shirt Company
    Gianna Fitted White Shirt
    • Price: £23.99 
  • Stella White Shirt
    The Shirt Company
    Stella White Shirt
    • Price: £26.99 
  • Tilda White Shirt
    Selected Femme
    Tilda White Shirt
    • Price: £15.00 
  • Libby Sheer White Shirt
    Second Female
    Libby Sheer White Shirt
    • Price: £17.40 
  • Wonno Patch Pocket Silk Shirt
    Margit Brandt
    Wonno Patch Pocket Silk Shirt
    • Price: £44.70 
  • Flore Cream Silk Shirt
    Selected Femme
    Flore Cream Silk Shirt
    • Price: £27.00 
  • Amy White Cotton Shirt
    Amy White Cotton Shirt
    • Price: £28.50 
  • Deep Cream Sheer Shirt
    Second Female
    Deep Cream Sheer Shirt
    • Price: £17.64 
  • Polina White Long-Line Shirt
    Polina White Long-Line Shirt
    • Price: £25.50 
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